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SIN OF SINS - over and under (Alkaloid Production)

by Alkaloid Productions



Alkaloid Productions presents ALKCD008 – this CD is comprised of ½ rap and ½ trance, it is uniquely styled to suit the modern dance floor. Track One - GOVERMENT AND LOVE-is a continuation of fear and money it point out how much government and love can affect us and delivers a guide on how to handle both. Fast and complicated beat. Track Two - RELIGOUS MAN-is about a chapter about the artists sin of sins life which has affected him greatly. This track is a fast complicated beat. Track Three - YOU TOOK A SHOT-is an American version of gangsta rap with hard trance. It targets two gangs that are at present fighting it out on American streets quick hard beat. Track Four - HEAD CRAZY-it is dedicated to rave parties with its hard quick beat and vicious lyrics it will get you in the mood to cut loose on the dance floor. Track Five - RIP SOME STARS-is about taking the absolute piss out off some well known stars who very much deserve it. This track is hard and fast and will blow you away with the sound affects and make you laugh out loud. Track Six – WHY MY EYES TWICE THE SIZE - is about all the things party goers like to do when they are out on the town. With lyrics that take the piss out of some well known stars and delivers laughs and motivation to dance. Track Seven – YOU THINK YOUR TOUGH – is devoted to gangs who think itfs tough to fight five on to one. With the fast flowing beat and lyrics that point out all the flaws of so-called tough gangs. These people are in fact gutless. Track Eight - CAMIRA-is a track about sin of sins soul mate Camira. The song describes how the love grew for each other with the ups and downs of life. Fast chilled beat. Track Nine - GOT WHAT IT TAKES is a motivating song for people who are struggling in life. It has a fast chilled beat and smooth lyrics this song can really pick you up. Track Ten - FEAR AND MONY is a track pointed out to how fear and money can affect us all. It delivers a guide on how to handle these two big things that affect our lives. The beat is smooth and chilled.


released March 10, 2010


all rights reserved


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